glitches not fixed !
Okt 23rd, 2009 by admin

dam…i just started a bunch of programs to check if the sound glitch problem is fixed…
it’s not !!!

under heavy cpu load the glitches are still present…
who was beta testing the sound features ?!

I’ll soon be have my bachelor degree in hearing technology and audiologics, so if you are interested in not making this little mistakes again.. employ me ;)

windows 7 !
Okt 23rd, 2009 by admin

yeah… i really like windows 7 :)
vista gave me at least one freak out every 5 minutes when fixing friend’s computers…
so i sticked to windows xp that worked really well for 4 years without any reinstallation and bigger problems !

but time is running and i was very curious how windows 7 works, so i got me a new laptop c2d 2,2ghz, 4gb, geforce 7800gt, full HD ;)
the release version of windows 7 was offered at my school by the msdn microsoft academic alliance, so why not try it out ?

i must say:

installation worked flawless and quick !
nearly all drivers were included…just the minor workarounds for devices with no win7 driver so far ;)
it looks nice…not like vista: pretty (and) useless…and works like a charm :)
software compatibility was really good…no big problems at all !
so win7…keep me happy…!

so what else…

today i was experiencing some sound glitches playing mp3 with songbird, sounds like stacks of samples are played double or left out.
i couldn’t find any working solution on the web at all, so i tried out several things that might work…

what worked: open the task manager and go to the task of the music software you are using – put the task into higher priority mode until
your sound output works without skipping and „special effects“ ;)

cheerio and happy weekend…

i almost forgot vimeo :)
Okt 19th, 2009 by admin

i’ll take a moment to promote another (my fav!) video platform, you probably still don’t know !
Vimeo features amateur filmmakers and real pieces of art… and as often as possible in HD ;)

This Video is from The Röyksopp Channel, which is great to subscribe…

Röyksopp ‚This Must Be It‘ from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

and another one…

The Girl And The Robot from Röyksopp on Vimeo.

ok…that’s vimeo…i just want you to know !

music keeps you alive !
Okt 19th, 2009 by admin

Cheers m8s !

You should check out Deadmau5… awesome DJ and for sure some positive music for the cold time of the year !

This may get a little hypno…

Mouse’s statement !

Pendulum…stunning drive in their tracks !

And my actual favourite… Sub Focus ! Grab Their Album ;)

Chase & Status – same label, gr8 too !

If you like this music or have any tracks i might like, feel free to comment !

I’m off…have a good night !

cold, warm, rain, sunshine…
Okt 19th, 2009 by admin

winter is coming…

you might want to check out the piano vocoder :) amazing piece of engineering !

How to fix things the funniest way – Ghetto Engineering :)

pretty amazing…

TOTO – tracking of thrown objects from Dennis Barteit on Vimeo.

go go powerrangers :)

learn pool…and become owend by a robot !

this is useless…but kind of fascinating!

Steve Roberts – the perfect g33k :)

first really good invention i’ve seen for months ;)

manual labour will die sooner or later…you better start learning to invent !

…running empty !

stay tuned for more modern life sickness :P

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