weekender !
Okt 17th, 2009 by admin

went out last night, got a haircut at 2am by headcrash hairdesign in one of my favourite bars
sick idea…but everything went ok ;)

Facebook…how sick will it get ?

My parents are new to the web…and they have not done anything stupid …YET ! I am not there to watch all the time ;)

I just Love Hayley Legg :)

…but i should really get her appropriate recording equipment !

wtf…hunger makes cow go mad !

monday…butt !
Okt 12th, 2009 by admin

nobody likes mondays, especially when it’s raining and a f*cking storm outside !
my throat is not feeling good at all and i’ll get my flu vaccination *is that the right word?* tomorrow…
hope this won’t turn out to be a bad idea because of the side effects…

something to brighten up your day…

and now to the more hilarious version…

i love people with tourettes…omfg…maybe i am a little affected too…i just wanna swear all day :)

plenty more where this video came from ;)

the king of tourettes…don’t talk shit about total…bob saget…bitch…chicken shit bullshit…oh for crying out loud…i said bacon and eggs….

bitch…i love you !

….ok ok..ok.ok…
i gotta stop now !

saturday night
Okt 10th, 2009 by admin

i’m feeling sick, maybe it was last nights party or just me getting the flu !
so i stayed home to not make things worse…sorry friends :/

anyway…some things that caught my attention…

the bayer tower in leverkusen, illuminated with 5,6 million leds…

i couldn’t get a video of the new illuminated house front of ullmann in oldenburg, but it’s really a nice show !

Few weeks ago, i watched a report about the AEC „Ars Electronica Center“ in Linz.
Very nice istallations inside AND outside…have a look !

reminds me of the fantastic light installations at fusion festival :)

more…no…need sleep !

more…hahaaaa !
Okt 8th, 2009 by admin

right now enjoying the brand new dizzee rascal album: tongue n cheek ! hilarious !

pulse jet turbine merry-go-round :)
i love the sound and the afterburner…YEAH !

lady gaga…lady kaka…maxim noise – KOKAFACE !
it’s in german but maybe fun for the english speaking guys anyway !

yyyyeeeeeeyyyy….CUMON !!! lets freak all out !

…bedtime…friday is coming with giant leaps :)

sweden! videos ! oh yeah !
Sep 30th, 2009 by admin

since last friday i am back in germany from an absolutely awesome motorbike holiday in sweden :)
the weather was perfect for riding the bikes on the meandering swedish roads.
what else should is say ?
been to tändsticksträffen, one week later to höststräffen and just had a great time enjoying the sun and the natural hot looks of the swedish girls.
you just gotta love this country !

anyway…time for a post…

the diy community i am in posted some good video to show you !

count 1 2 3…
Rammstein – Sonne …very inspiring !

big egg…poor bird !!!

this engine is dead !

i just wanted to be nice…

me want battle…

one sick bass player :)

i just love cnc milling !

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