thunder…thursday !
Oktober 29th, 2009 by admin

well, i think now it’s really becoming winter !
the fog this morning was the worst I’ve seen this year so far.

the week went by quickly and now it’s almost weekend…yeah…i’m up for some sort of halloween party…

i must say that i am really happy with my new laptop – the NexOC Osiris E705 II :)
to have a more powerful (last one was vaio vgn-a217s with 1,7ghz, 1gb, and some slow gfx card) laptop means i can
now enjoy google earth at high frame rates in high detail and filtering !
pretty big improvement is the overall working speed and the eye-candy of windows 7…
the last updates brought an improvement to the sound glitch problems…but i think it’s not yet completely fixed.
maybe this is a sonbird specific issue…

this is what built up and is now released into the wild – enjoy !

recognize the carbon fiber frame…awesome done !

too much time…getting bored…launch an anvil what else :)

remi is THE best :)

my personal favourite…i don’t have to explain why ?!

you get fooled…

have to restart firefox… stay tuned !

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